Graduate Alumni:

A. Alhasawi (Ph.D.)
Metabolic Engineering Aimed at the Production of Keto Acids From Glycerol: An Industrial By-Product (2018)

N. Alarini (M.Sc.)
Glutamine metabolism and energy homeostasis during oxidative stress (2017)

S.C. Thomas (M.Sc.)
The role of formate in combatting oxidative stress (2016)

V.P. Appanna (M.Sc.)
Energy-producing ability of bacteria under oxidative stress (2014)

C. Auger (Ph.D.)
Biochemical adaptations in Pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to nitric oxide, an endogenous anitbacterial agent.(2014) Currently doing a fellowship at Sunnybrooke Hospital in Toronto

S. Han (M.Sc.)
Unveiling the metabolic netwok underlying mitochondrial and nuclear metabolism in a model differentiating stem cell (2013)
Currently a denstistry student at University of Detroit Mercy

A. Alhasawi (M.Sc.)
Metabolic networks to combat zinc toxicity in Pseudomonas fluorescens(2012)
Currently pursuing a Ph.D in Biomolecular sciences at Laurentian University

Z. Castonguay (M.Sc.)
Nuclear Lactate Dehydrogenase: Bridging Central Metabolism to Epigenetic Modifications in Mammalian Cellular Systems(2012)
Currently a genetic analyst at HSN

J. Lemire (Ph.D.)
A global metabolic perspective on aluminum toxicity in human astrocytes: Implications for nurological disorders (2011)
Currently a post doctoral fellow at the University of Calgary and received the prestigious PDF Banting award.

A. Bignucolo (M.Sc.)
Metabolic networks dedicated to the generation of the anit-oxidant pyruvate and ATP enable the survival of P. flurorescens in an oxidative environment.(2011)
Adam graduated from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in 2015

R. Mailloux (Ph.D.)
The dysfunctional hepatic metabolism elicited by aluminum toxicity: A system biology approach. (2005)
First doctoral (Ph.D.) thesis at Laurentian University

R. Singh (M.Sc.)
The Modulation of NADPH, NADH, and a-ketoglutarate in P. fluorescens exposed to oxidative stress. (2005)
Currently completed his Ph.D. at the University of British Columbia

D. R. Chénier (M.Sc.)
Aluminum toxicity in Pseudomonas fluorescens: the modulation of Fe-proteins and metabolic networks. (2004)
Dan is completed the pharmacy program at the University of Guelph.

J. A. Middaugh (M.Sc.)
A study of the metabolic adaptation provoked by decreased aconitase activity and increased ROS production
as a consequence of aluminum stress in Pseudomonas fluorescens. (2004).

Jeff is a practicing physician at HSN.

R. Bériault (M. Sc.)
The metabolic network involved in the survival of Pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to gallium,
a pro-oxidant and an iron mimetic. (2004)

Robin is a sales representative for Fisher Scientific.

R. Hamel (Ph.D.)
Enhanced Lipogenesis and Oxalogenesis in Pseudomonas fluorescens Exposed to Aluminum stress:
A Study of Intermediary Metabolism. University of Waterloo (2003).
Dr Hamel is the lab director for the Inorganics and Biological Section of Testmark Laboratories Ltd.

G. J. Wu (M.Sc.)
Selenium and mercury assimilation and detoxification in Pseudomonas fluorescens. (2003).
Co-supervisors Dr. Belzile and Dr. Chen.

H. Finn (M.Sc.)
Iron (III) citrate metabolism and iron homeostasis in Pseudomonas fluorescens. (2001).

R. Lévasseur (M.Sc.)
Aluminum-citrate transport and metabolism in Pseudomonas fluorescens. (1999).
Remi is a science teacher at Confederation Secondary School.

S. Tissot (Maîtrise)
Bioremédiation: Influence de polluants organiques sur la détoxification de l'aluminum par Pseudomonas fluorescens. Université Paris VII (1999).

J. Barthelemy (Maîtrise)
Étude de l'accumulation de l'yttrium chez Pseudomonas fluorescens. Application à un biofilleur. Université Paris VII (1999).

R. Hamel (M.Sc.)
Aluminum detoxification. Mechanisms in Pseudomonas fluorescens. Laurentian University (1997).

S. Leblond (Maîtrise)
La bioprécipitation et la bioaccumulation des métaux lourds par Pseudomonas fluorescens. Université Paris VII (1997).
Co-supervisor Professor S. Puiseux-Dao.

S. A. Anderson (M.Sc.)
Biochemical adaptation to calcium stress in Pseudomonas fluorescens. Laurentian Univeristy (1995).


Research Associate/Assistant:  (18)

A. Al-Aoukaty
Al-stress and microbes

J. Ransberry
Fe metabolism

L. Desjardins
Lipid isolation

L. Trudeau
Carbohydrate metabolism in Al-stressed organism

P. Rochon
Extracellular proteins in metal-stressed organisms

M. St. Pierre
PE production and metal stress

J. Patry
PE measurement in cell-free fraction

T. Skakoon
CaCo3 biogenesis

S. Young
Isolation of Al-binding proteins

F. Chiong
Protein isolation

A. Jagessar
Microbial biomass and metal stress

M. Kepes
Ga stress and exocellular proteins

N. Legère
Ca stress and cellular metabolism

K. Wijesuriya
Fe homeostasis

S. Basta
Metabolic enzymes in Al-stressed cells

P. Kumar
Metal stress and gluconeogenesis

C. Mackenzie
Hepocytes and metal stress

G. Brewer
Glutamate dehydrogenase and metal stress

J. Middaugh

D. Chénier
Environmental medicine : metal toxicity and metabolism in astrocytes

Undergraduate theses: (41)

Alexandrine Martel
A functional study of tryptophanase, a key player in bacterial dormancy and infection. PDF
Samantha Innocente
NAG metabolism PDF
Jacob Costanzi
Biochemical Pathways Underlying Multi-metal Resistance in Pseudomonas fluorescens. PDF
Mohammad Barez
Glycerol metabolism in Pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to nitrosative stress PDF
Zachary Castonguay
Oxidative stress and glycine metabolism in P. fluorescens. PDF
Dominic Cecchini
Nitric oxide detoxification in P. fluorescens: influence of glycine. PDF
Martine Leblanc
Aspartate metabolism in P. fluorescens subjected to oxidative stress. PDF
Bienvenu Muboyayi
Ketoacids as anti-oxidants in P. fluorescens. PDF
J. Brock Allen
Biochemical adaptation to reactive nitrogen species (RNS) in Pseuodomonas fluorescens. PDF
Adam Bignucolo
Arginine metabolism in Pseuodmonas fluorescens exposed to oxidative stress. PDF
Yves Milandu
Homeostasis of alpha-ketoglutarate, a Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) scavenger in Pseudomonas fluorescens exposed to oxidative stress: influence of L-histidine.. PDF
Kathryn Cossar
Aluminum toxicity and acetoacetate metabolism in human astrocytes. PDF

Rami Darwich
α-Ketoglutarate Mitigates the Aluminum-induced Perturbation of Fatty Acid Metabolism and Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Cultured Human Hepatocytes PDF

Stephanie Leclair
Bioconversion of glycerol, a waste product from biodiesel into value added products.

Brad Stitt
Aluminum and Metabolic Dysfunction: A Possible Link to Obesity


Daniel Whalen
A Green Technology for the Production of Biofuels PDF

Edward Sewell
Metabolic Engineering of Pseudomonas fluorescens for the Production of Biofuels and Value-Added Products

Brad Stitt
Aluminum and Metabolic Dysfunction: A Possible Link to Obesity

Joseph Lemire
Biochemical dysfunction and adaptation evoked by metal toxicity and ROS in Hepatocytes.

Guy Brewer
Oxidative stress and valine metabolism in Psuedomonas fluorescens

Nathalie Rainville
ketoglutarate homeostasis in Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Summer 2003:
Mathurin Bacquié
Iron metabolism in Al-stressed Pseudomonas fluorescens (Université Toulouse)

Danielle Brabant
Molecular approaches to develop a diagnostic test for Toro virus.  Co-supervisor, Dr. M. Basta. 
Danielle is completing her Ph.D. in Biomolecular Sciences at Laurentian University.

Ryan Jenner
TCA cycle enzymes in Al-stressed Pseudomonas fluorescens : A blue-native gel electrophoretic study.

Ranji Singh
Oxidative stress in Al-exposed HEPG-2 cells and Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Daniel Chénier
Modulation of pyruvate kinase and glucose 6-phospphate dehydrogenase activities in Pseudomonas fluorescens
challenged by metal stress.

Gaël Jean-Baptiste
Modulation of isocitrate dehydrogenase and phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase in Pseudomonas fluorescens
under different metal stresses.

Jeffrey Middaugh
The effects of Aluminum stress on aconitase activity in Pseudomonas fluorescens.

Abdoulkader Yonis
Interaction entre sélénium et Pseudomonas fluorescens.  Co-supervisor, Dr. N. Belzile.

Robin Bériault
Homéostase du calcium chez Pseudomonas fluorescens

Jake Bézaire 
Lead stress and modulation of TCA cycle enzymes in Pseudomonas fluorescens

Jean-Pierre Dionne
Détoxification du gallium et les enzymes du cycle de l’acide citrique chez Pseudomonas fluorescens

Carrie Mackenzie 
TCA cycle enzymes and aluminum-citrate metabolism in Pseudomonas fluorescens

A. Bédard                       
Métabolisme d’aluminum malate

S. Bédard                       
Isocitrate lyase et tolérance à l’aluminum

R. Mader                       
Plasmidic genes in aluminum stressed cells

A. Singh                       
Bioremediation of Yttrium.

M. Zarghooni                       
Aluminum malate metabolism in P. fluorescens.

R. Lévasseur                       
Uptake mechanism of aluminum in P. fluorescens.           

L. Decoff                        
Aluminum citrate metabolism in P. fluorescens.           

L. Lacourcière             
Profile of heavy metals in Walleye from Ramsey Lake and effects on  Muscular Proteins. 
Co-supervisor, Dr. N. Belzile.

B. Yohannes                       
Aluminum efflux in P. fluorescens.

D. Caughill             
Isolation and characterization of a plasmid from P. fluorescens.  Co-supervisor, Dr. E. Gauthier.

E. Pankar           
Étude de l’accumulation d’yttrium par P. fluorescens : Applications à la bioremédiation. 
(Université Paris VII).  Co-supervisor, Professor S. Puiseux.

M. Rauh                       
Aluminum-sensitive mutant of P. fluorescens.  Co-supervisor, Dr. E. Gauthier.

L. Whitmore                       
Influence of iron and calcium on zinc detoxificants mechanisms.

K. Bédard                      
Une pompe d’aluminum chez P. fluorescens.

A. Kirwan           
Glycerol dehydrogenase activity in control and Al-stressed P. fluorescens.

M. Sanatani                       
Gallium detoxification in P. fluorescens.

H. Finn                       
Iron homeostasis in P. fluorescens.

R. Mantle                       
Role of lipids in the aluminum detoxification mechanism of P.fluorescens.

G. Bélanger                       
Role of phosphate in the aluminum detoxification mechanism in P.fluorescens.

S. Anderson                       
Role of phosphate in the calcium detoxificants mechanism of P.fluorescens.